DISSONANCE | Art on Parade exhibition 2019

About The Exhibition

“Be grateful for anything that still cuts. Dissonance is a beauty that familiarity hasn’t destroyed yet.”
Richard Powers, novelist

Taxidermist and jewellery artist Olivia Dryden Jewellery and realistic painter and drawer Ruby Chew, come together to display collections which explore the idea that ‘things are not always what they seem’. Reflecting on the practice of habitually carrying conflicting inner thoughts, feelings and emotions; this exhibition comments on the feeling of dissonance which results. Closer inspection reveals unexpected juxtapositions, tangibly sparking curiosities through ambiguous conceptions, which begs viewers to dig deep in order to close the sense of dissonance evoked within themselves.

Opening event Aug 9th 2018 | Running 1st – 31st Aug

0414 904 286
15 Sydenham Road, Norwood SA