Nicola Semmens

Original still life oil on canvas

A small glimpse is all that is needed for Nicola to pull you down the rabbit hole. Her whimsical still-lifes encourages the viewer to return to a childlike perspective and see the world ‘Alice like’ in order to find themselves in an imagined portal into another world. Nicola explores chance meetings between found objects displayed on a surrealist like stage.

“As a realist painter, my works offer a contemporary take on traditional painting themes, adding twists and turns in order to create subtle surrealist distortions. The ancient Greek traditions of trompe-l’oeil also inspire and puzzle the imagination. And with these themes I hope to inspire the viewer to take a visual and imagined adventure to see the world ‘through the looking glass’ of wonderment.”

– Nicola Semmens

0414 904 286
15 Sydenham Road, Norwood SA