Olivia dryden

olivia dryden

jewellery Artist

My style of jewellery is particularly unique and I like to describe it as a ‘modern take on taxidermy jewellery’. Using mainly Sterling Silver I reutilize deceased animals and birds for their bones. I believe that as artists, we are fortunate to see the beauty in objects most people do not. I create an amalgamation of these pieces with flora, pearls and gemstones, which people commonly perceive as beauty by society’s standards. This juxtaposition forces people to observe (these) the fragment of death and hopefully overcome the stigma and see the natural beauty that I see.

When designing my pieces, I draw inspiration from the idea that my jewellery may appeal to people who would normally be shocked by the ideas portrayed. My purpose is to create surprising and lasting objects of nature through the death of these creatures.

My curiosity with death arose when I started researching the Victorian Memento Mori period from the 15th to 18th century. I admired the symbolism they used to depict death, like the skull- and-crossbones and the hourglass. I was especially interested in jewellery that was made using the deceased’s hair, and post-mortem photography. I appreciated how such a taboo subject, death, could be shown in such a beautiful way.

After years of experimenting and completing courses in London, my skills in the art of Taxidermy have inspired me to create small wearable art, wall pieces and make beautiful sculptural pieces that can be valued and appreciated by all.’ – Olivia Dryden


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