Rebecca Long - Belong Design

Ocean Swirls
Freestanding timber framed resin pour
22 x 22 x 5cm

Capturing the beauty of our ocean with its blues and green hues; Ocean
Swirls brings a little piece of the ocean into your home.


Timber framed resin pour
22 x 22 x 5cm

Can be wall hung or free standing. This piece is a visual abstract representation of our bodies breathing in and exhaling.


Fluid artist

“I am a self-taught artist; my style is eclectic and free flowing. I am inspired by human emotions and the natural world around us. My art is guided by my intuitive and
spontaneous nature. A diverse colour palette is used throughout my art to evoke different emotions. I work with a variety of mediums often using resin and alcohol ink as they both have a unique fluid form that best imitates emotions in an abstract way and therefore no two art pieces are ever the same. That’s the beauty about them! My love for the ocean is present in my art style also as I enjoy its raw unpredictable beauty. The ocean provides me with inspiration for much of the movement and colours in many of my pieces.”

– Belinda Long

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