Zinia King

Zinia King 


Get lost in the incredibly detailed native and whimsical colouring-in books, children’s stories and notepads, tea-towels and fridge magnets by Zinia King, who inspires imagination across all ages. “I adore the way that my art can not only make people smile, but also inspire them to look at the world with a fresh sense of wonder.” — Zinia King

Anthropomorphic Colouring Book — Features a selection of Anthropomorphic Australian Animals including ‘Emily the Eccentric Emu’ and ‘Fredrick the Flamboyant Forest Dragon’. Made and printed in the Adelaide Hills.

Flying Dreams — A girl dreams vividly about what it would be like to fly. If she imagines hard enough, her dreams might even come true. (Self-published)

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15 Sydenham Road, Norwood SA